The Crystal Gull by Lucilla Andrews

Nurse Serena Mathers keeps meeting Joe Verica in the most unexpected places. Will fate bring them together or keep them apart forever during one very eventful Christmas?

“Arguably the best of all writers of hospital fiction.” Nursing Times

Serena first meets Joe when she saves his life after a plane crash. She thinks Joe’s a nice guy, but nothing more. Since her ex, Chris, broke her heart, Serena’s definitely not looking for romance. Then Joe suddenly walks into her life again – this time with a surprise announcement. Serena’s shocked reaction is not what he was hoping for.

Serena and her flatmate Becky take a Christmas skiing trip to the alps. Joe is the last person Serena expects to bump into on top of an Austrian mountain. Yet there he is again. And why does Serena feel bothered by the presence of his beautiful young companion, Rose?

A serious avalanche leads to a life and death situation. Serena’s medical skills are greatly needed. But will they be enough to heal matters of the heart?

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