Frontline 1940 by Lucilla Andrews

London, September 1940. When Ann Marlowe spends a Blitz air raid with journalist Josh Adams it changes both of their lives forever. But in wartime, can there be a happy ending?

Ann is a staff nurse at St Martha’s in London, coping with her nursing duties and the deadly bombings that are killing hospital staff and civilians alike. With so many patients to care for, she has no time for romance.

Josh Adams is an American war correspondent determined to keep emotion out of his professional life. But the spirit and strength he witnesses in the pretty young nurse breaks his resolve.

Ann and Josh fight their feelings for one another. They both know that to fall in love at a time of war risks great heartbreak. With only hope, and their mutual love and admiration, they must face a far from certain future.

A heartbreaking wartime hospital romance, set during the second world war, with all of the trademark sensitivity and realism of a medical story by Lucilla Andrews.

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