Busman’s Holiday by Lucilla Andrews

Nurse Frances Allendale hopes that a holiday will mend her broken heart. But a chance encounter with a handsome doctor and a medical emergency make it harder to escape from the past.

Frances thought she had a future with Bart but their relationship brought only heartache. Months later, Frances still feels miserable, so she jumps at the chance of a holiday with her dear Aunt Joey and cousin Nicola.

When Frances meets Dr David Loftus he reminds her so much of Bart that she wonders if they could be related. David seems kind and caring, but Frances is determined she won’t fall for Bart’s lookalike. She can’t risk being hurt by another man.

An accident and a medical emergency throw Frances and David together. Can they put aside personal tensions to save their patients? And can Frances overcome the past in order to build a brighter future?

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