In Storm and In Calm by Lucilla Andrews

Nurse Charlotte Anthony finds that life can be full of secrets and surprises when she starts work at a small, Shetland island hospital.

Before she takes up her new job as a Sister at St Martha’s in London, Charlotte spends a month nursing on the remote island of Thessa. Life there is very different from what she expected.

The modern hospital must deal with all manner of illnesses and emergencies, both from the local community and the off-shore oil riggers. The stormy weather presents a constant threat to the dedicated hospital staff.

Charlotte also has challenges in her personal life. She enjoys the attention of charming oil man Rod Harding, but is also drawn to consultant surgeon Magnus Moray. But Magnus seems to be haunted by secrets from his past, as well as occupied in the present by attractive theatre sister Jenny Pringle.

Charlotte experiences the highs and lows of island life, and must face danger and her own fears before the clouds can break.

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