Ring O’ Roses by Lucilla Andrews

Young nurse Cathy Maitland falls in love with the brother of a childhood friend. But there are complications ahead.

Cathy returns from a year nursing in Canada and is bridesmaid for her childhood friend, Ruth. At the wedding, Cathy shares a romantic moment with Ruth’s older brother, Joss. The pair have known each other all their lives, but now they are adults, could this be love?

When Cathy starts her new job as Senior Staff Nurse at St Martha’s Hospital she is surprised to find herself working in the same Accident Unit as Joss. But even more surprising is Joss’s changed attitude towards her. Cathy is left feeling hurt and confused at his indifference.

Life in the Accident Unit is tough. The doctors and nurses are faced with emergencies and tragedies on a daily basis. But it is an accident outside the hospital that throws Cathy and Joss together in a very unexpected way. Can they come out of a difficult situation with a better understanding of themselves, and each other?

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